(This page is a placeholder, please check again later for full supporting information for DisplayPort on USB Type-C)

Thank you for visiting the DisplayPort on USB Type-C Help Page.

You may have been directed here by your system when you connected an accessory or display using the USB Type-C connector. This indicates that the accessory or display expected to be able to use DisplayPort, but that it was not able to do this.

There are several possible reasons.

  1. Your system does not support DisplayPort on the USB Type-C connector that you selected. Please check with your system manufacturer if you think that the message was shown in error.
  2. You have connected your accessory or display via a USB hub. USB hubs do not support DisplayPort connections between their ports. Either connect your accessory or display directly to your system, or consider using a dock or similar peripheral that supports a DisplayPort connection between its ports (check manufacturer details).